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Voyage is a proven process of discovery in business and experience. We partner with customers to maximize their growth and market share by transforming culture. Together, we develop integrated business solutions through multi-channel marketing and brand strategy. Innovative and cost-effective programs are designed to inspire change and action within a unique demographic or culture. We promote the very best of a community, product or service conclusively impacting our customers’ ROI.

A commitment to our customers includes recruiting and managing relationships with industry leaders. This may be our greatest asset when it applies to strategic business growth. To build successful brands with unparalleled results, it helps to work with the best. Developing and maintaining industry partnerships ensures priority service and access to industry / media trends and buzz.
Joe McGinnis
Brand Strategist/Producer


Joe has served behind the scenes as producer and creative director for some of the world’s largest brands. From executive and employee communications, B2B to consumer, Joe assembles teams that win.

“I direct and manage top creative resources. We never rely on one media and/or channel to launch a program. A production schedule is developed for ongoing communication and nurturing. A Brand is not a ‘one-time thing,’ rather the injection of energy over time. A strategic Brand has its own personality and becomes a unique voice within each team member’s thought process.”
Kevin Sharpe
Senior Art Director


The man behind the curtain, Kevin Sharpe, is constantly challenging the limits of today’s technology. By always asking “what if,” Kevin operates on the cutting edge of web, video and brand development. From Kids II to PHILIPS Electronics, clients have no idea how far their vision can go until Kevin takes the wheel.

Serving Voyage clients for fifteen years, Kevin has his hand in every Voyage creation. From identifying core brand standards, its unique positioning and visual identity systems, Kevin has a vast understanding of markets and their inherent characteristics. One day, Kevin will be developing an ad for a kid’s program and the next, steering senior executive communications.

Kevin is also well known for his dedication and commitment to the toughest deadlines. His ability to steer solutions quickly and efficiently has ensured Voyage’s success in the competitive agency world. Kevin is Atlanta’s go-to guy for the most special of occasions.

Johana Jimenez
Senior Designer


With a Masters in Design from Savannah College of Art and Design and more than five years of experience in Health Care, Design and Technology Services, Johana is the newest Voyage member. As a marketing strategist, she brings purpose and craftsmanship to design.

“The most successful solution is often creatively simple. Simplicity is genius in its purest, most honest form.”

Jason Higgins
Senior Web / Interactive Developer


In addition to raw technical ability and in-depth knowledge of multiple programming languages, Jason is multi-talented and is a subject-matter expert in all aspects of Internet marketing, development, e-commerce, information architecture and design. Jason has demonstrated success working in fast-paced environments with numerous clients, including major brands such as Coca-Cola, Computer Associates, Heineken, Lowe’s and McKesson.

Jason has excellent interpersonal communication skills, an infectious positive attitude and willingness to make every project a success by focusing on quality rather than quantity. One of the many things that sets Jason apart from his peers is the desire to provide a higher level of customer service and more personal attention to his clients.

Carmen Takeuchi


Carmin Takeuchi obtained her bachelor's degree in Accounting and her Master's Degree in Science of Taxation from Florida International University. She has over 15 years of experience working in Private Accounting and also in Public Accounting. She is originally from Lima, Peru and lived in Miami, FL for 14 years prior to relocating to Atlanta, GA in 2007. Since 2010, Carmin assists Voyage with all financial matters, including vendor management, payroll, taxes, accounts payable and receivables.

"Anything worth achieving in this life requires hard work and sacrifice."

Voyage employs and partners with a league of seasoned writing experts in multiple verticals / markets. Although Voyage does not specialize in any one particular industry, experience includes but is not limited to Airlines, Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Industrials, Finacial Services, Health Care, Health and Benefits, Telecommunications, Technology and Utilities. Voyage writers regularly develop content for B2B, B2C, plus employee/executive communications.

For more information, please contact: joemcginnis@voycominc.com


After a piggish morning breakfast, Romey loves to explore the yard for cat droppings and stinky edibles. Then, Romey checks her Facebook page before snuggling into her bed for a late morning snooze. Late afternoon is walk time. Highlights include cat spottings, poop sniffing and marking her territory. Romey's greatest accomplishment is chief stress reliever for the Voyage team and unconditional love. Customer's are happiest when Romey answers their call.

"A schedule is essential to success. I get up at 6 a.m., even on the weekends." Romey

Matt Burge
Computer Graphics / Animation

As a digital artist, Matthew Burge has been featured in national and international competitions and programs. His fine artwork has been featured in galleries and museums. His most recent showings were at the Boca Raton Museum of Fine Arts and on the IMUG NAB reel. He also exhibited the piece “33 vertebrae,” a multi-monitor experimentation, in Electronics Alive III at the University of Tampa. Other participants in this show were Bruce Wands and Chris Landreth, Oscar winner for the animated short film Ryan.

Matt has also been featured in various festivals and art events such as the opening of the SCAD Atlanta Digital Media Center where he along with colleagues created a virtual koi pond for the opening ceremonies of the building. He has also worked with the Medeology Collective performing live video work (VJing) at Eyedrum in Atlanta. He was part of the video showcase “A Very Loud Silence” at Atlanta's Le Flash festival where his animated type piece “Night Whisper from 1991” was featured. Most recently he was featured in the multimedia show “Give Me A Minute” at the Shirey Gallery in Brooklyn curated by Amber Boardman.

While in Chicago, he worked as an animator/designer producing work for clients such as Pepsi, Gatorade, Chicago Radio Broadcasters and others. Also in Chicago, Burge worked as a multimedia developer and 3d animator at Atomic Imaging Chicago. In South Florida, Burge worked for CPN design studios as a designer/animator, Tampa Digital Studios as head animator/designer and WFLA Channel 8 (Tampa’s NBC affiliate) as a designer/animator. South Florida clients included: ESPN, NHRA, NHL, NFL, Department of Defense and others. Burge has worked with personalities ranging from fitness Guru Tony Little to Butch Patrick (TV’s Eddie Munster) to author Tom Clancy.

Burge has been teaching design and computer art for over 13 years. He has an extensive background in experimental video art and interactive media. Burge has been a professor at the Savannah College of Art since 2005 and is the Associate Chair for Motion Media Design at SCAD's Atlanta campus.

Sally Atz

With 27 years of marketing/communication experience (with more than 21 of those years specializing in HR and employee communication), Sally can offer you proven and award-winning skills in strategic planning, writing, editing, and/or project management. Her subject matter expertise is diverse and includes: All areas of human resources and benefits; financial education; mergers and acquisitions; health and wellness; and technology.

Before founding Corporate Lingo in 1998, Sally gained significant experience in the corporate world. Most recently, she spent five years as a Communication Consultant for a leading national Human Resources consulting firm. There she assisted large southeastern clients with a wide range of communication needs. Prior to that, she held various other marketing and advertising positions, handling both consumer and business-to-business marketing, working directly with clients throughout the southeast.

Sally holds a Bachelor of Journalism (BJ) degree in Advertising from the University of Missouri.

what we do

At Voyage, we champion the very best (or truth) of a product, service and culture and align programs with corporate goals. From concept, fulfillment, experience and beyond, solutions are always relatable, accessible and credible. From senior level executives, online and offline associates, sales teams, customers and consumers alike, Voyage creates a “life cycle” for your brand. Our process is not only effective and proven, but malleable and supportive.

Voyage serves as the ultimate partner for the ever-changing landscape of business. We increase market share, enroll employees, and inspire behavior. Voyage implements the methodology for change and increased revenue.

To learn more about the Voyage process, please visit Our Promos – Voyage Quals Book.
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It starts with you. First, we listen closely to your needs and goals. We research your industry and market position. And we work with you to define solutions that will inspire change, growth and loyalty. Then – and only then – can we get to work to apply our more than 20 years of experience to create innovative and practical solutions that are seamlessly integrated and designed to motivate and educate your target audiences. The bottom line? Measurable and sustainable results.